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Maintenance Plans

Why constant maintenance of your website is important

When you buy a new car, immediately you will need to think about insurance and a service plan in order to keep it running well. A website is an investment and is no different. A poorly functioning website with errors because it has not been maintained, is a major problem not only for the branding and image you are trying to protect, but also for the health of your onboard SEO and security against hacking.

Not only that, but software and applications are constantly being updated, and it is important to keep up with these, not only to benefit from the latest advances, application changes and trends, and to make sure that your website is performing well, but also because being out of date not only could cause errors and look bad, but the longer you leave it, the more chance you have of compromising your security.


Software updates

  • For security and continued performance. 
  • Take advantage of new features and growing trends that come with coding and app changes. These, and security updates, are really fast-moving and it is best to keep up with this.
  • Hackers discover vulnerabilities in code given enough time, so there is a need to update to the latest patches and security releases.

Website errors

  • Page speed problems, broken links, 404 page not found and design or broken content not only give a bad image but also your SEO will seriously suffer if these errors are not regularly fixed.
  • Compatibility of content on new device and browser releases.


  • Regular backups kept apart from the server are important to ensure that your website always has a fallback.
  • If your website is backed up, it is easy to redeploy the website in case of being hacked or something going wrong.

Please choose the maintenance plan that suits you:

Maintenance includes:

  • Software, security, new features and performance updates.
  • Regular backups.
  • Ongoing onboard SEO maintenance.
  • Site redeployment in event of hacking or unknown error.


  • Your website will be maintained every 2nd month.
  • 1 hour every 2 months.


  • Your website will be maintained monthly.
  • 1 hour every month.


  • This plan is for larger websites.
  • Your website will be maintained monthly.
  • 2 hours every month.


per month


per month


per month