Customer website design questions and queries. Are you an existing customer, or just need to know something about how Cyba service works, it may be in the FAQ.

Customer Center

Cyba development hours are 9am to 5pm. My after hours rates are double my normal rates and I work by prior arrangement only.

I generally do not answer calls, whatsapps or texts outside of these hours. You are welcome to send emails at any time, however and mostly responses are only done during the week, and over office hours. I do not work on South African public holidays for South African clients.

The only exceptions are true emergencies for example where your website has genuinely been hacked.

I do not deal with emails as they are not controlled by me but by your hosting company or email provider. I really do not know much about related errors or how to set them up or resolve issues that pop up. With all email errors, you need to contact your hosts or email provider. Contacting me with regard to emails generally is a waste of both our time and energy whereas contacting the company that actually provides your email will be able to help you and advise you better.

I track all my time on Toggl and provide a report with the invoice. I try to be as descriptive as possible when making entries for your project so that you can see where the time has gone. This is your project, you have a right to know what you are paying for.

Usually I get a query where the owner of a website has employed a previous developer and no longer wants to use that developer’s services. The request is for me to take over the website and fix errors, finalize changes or add new functionality. Before I begin I require a base deposit, usually for 4 hours work at R500 per hour to give a starting invoice of R2000.

It is usually impossible to tell how long the maintenance will take as many problems can arise even to do the simplest change on a website that can delay the maintenance for hours or add new issues that have to be taken care of before a simple change can be done. None of these can be predicted, especially in scenarios where I didn’t build your website.

Every hour of maintenance will be charged at R500 per hour. If you have a budget limit, it will be advisable to let me know so that I can keep you updated as to how close we are getting to that and how much work has been covered.

I get this question all the time and unfortunately it is impossible to give a quote without more information. To show an example, if you want to buy a car, the price can range from 2k to 200k or more depending on your very specific specs, budget and requirements. Building a website follows similar rules and in order to clarify your needs better and attempt to quote you better, good communication about your website requirements is needed.

Some potential information needed are, for example: What is your budget? What is the function of the website? How many custom functionalities are in the website build? How many revisions are you wanting? The more you want to customise, the more expensive it will be.

Once I have received, hopefully enough information about your website from you, I can draw up a quote as close as possible to the amount of work that I think will need to be done. Often hiccups can crop up along the way, or the build can be a little easier than expected – either way, any extra hours worked will be added to the final invoice.

I charge for work done, so the more hours I spend, the more service you get and will need to pay for.  However, I will always be aware of the budget you are wanting to work around and will update you as I progress.