These UX Design Principles are easy to follow and implement on your website to improve how user flow and generate better leads and sales. From deciding layouts to call to action buttons.

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5 Ready to use UX Design Principles to improve leads on your website

17 September 2020, Thursday | Written by: Cyba Studio

1. Base your layout on Web Design Principles

If you want to lead your visitors on a UX Design journey, then don’t try re-invent UX. Find out what the proper Web Layout Principles (article coming soon!) are and use them religiously. Unorthodox layouts & designs are a huge risk you take and will actually confuse your users.

Being ‘fast forward’ doesn’t mean you will win anyone over. Choose a design that works and consistently stick to it throughout your website.

2. Make sure each page has only one main purpose

Each page should have one definitive goal or purpose for your taget audience. Don’t overdress the page through fear of not having all your services in bold writing on every page – your user will soon get very bored and annoyed.

Let the main, logical purpose of the page stand out so that it is instantly understood by your visitor and makes sense. Your visitor is a real person, and will see through you if you try too hard.

3. Stick to a single colour for your Action Buttons.

After defining the purpose of the page you will probably have a clickable button that takes your user somewhere important.

Choose a colour forĀ  all your clickable action buttons. Use ONLY that colour, and DON’T use that colour anywhere else on the website.

4. Use obvious verbs in your action buttons

Be consistent in using action verbs in your clickable buttons and don’t leave your visitor guessing what the button actually does. Let them know plainly, for example: Sign up for our newsletter, or Click here for more projects.

It helps them to understand where you want them to go and where they want to go.

5. No page must be a dead end page

Every page must link to another page, to a sign up or to a contact form etc. If you want your users journey to end abruptly then forget a clickable action button on your page somewhere.

5 ux design principles to improve leads on your website

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