4 Easy DIY Secrets for SEO that you can do yourself -> SEO Titles, Keywords, Links and a Mobile-friendly Website.

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Want to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to your website? Well follow this SEO Strategy to get a good natural placement on organic search engine results.

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4 Easy DIY tips anyone can do to improve their SEO

31 January 2020, Friday | Written by: Cyba Studio

1. Use SEO-friendly titles to optimize your rankings

Google has a maximum title length of approximately 60 characters, so why not use this opportunity to not only add keywords in but also to describe your content better.

Add some of your keywords into your titles and create some powerful SEO by converting them into Long Tail Keyword Headlines

You will be optimizing your titles and creating very search engine friendly title tags.

2. Use relevant keywords to boost traffic to your site.

Define some words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines to find someone like you by doing a little bit of analyzing and finding through Keyword Research. 

Use any keyphrases or related keywords you found in your content. This will SEO your copywriting and in turn improve your Search Rankings for those terms.

Keyword Research Tools and Planners can be useful and overall you can boost traffic and improve your rankings.

3. What do your web links look like?

Although Backlinking is super important, what we are talking about here is actually what words are in your url link.

Search engines prize these words strongly so make sure you add your keywords relevant to your page in there.

4. Sitemaps & Google Search Console

It’s actually so easy to do this step, and don’t miss it out. You can use sitemap generator to create an XML sitemap called sitemap.xml.  Your hosting company can put this on the root of  your server for you.

Head over to Google Search Console and under sitemaps, add sitemap.xml into the space provided.