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keyword research, seo best practices, webmaster tools, sitemaps, content creation

Cyba Studio specializes in organic SEO onboard: keyword research, seo best practices, webmaster tools, sitemaps, content creation

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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

We offer onsite Search Engine Optimization, also know as organic SEO. What organic SEO does, is it helps your website to be pushed to the top of Google (or other search engines) searches, so that you can be found high up, hopefully at the top of the first page for your SEO keywords.


Appear high in internet searches

This is really important for business as if you are able to be found well when someone browsing the internet is looking for a company that offers what they are looking for, you can pick up a new customer easily, just by virtue of having a decent website high up on Internet Searches. The beauty of it is that your website is on show, working hard for you all day and night .

Implementing the SEO

Setting up Organic SEO can be done on existing websites too that we didn’t build. We automatically build it into all our new websites and do keyword research for you. After the initial setup, it is best to do a follow through and check monthly for about 6 months on the position of your website on the internet and gauge how your keywords are performing and make necessary adjustments.

keyword research

SEO starter kit

We build our SEO starter kit into every new website that we do. This is a once off build that is impacted directly into the very coding of your website that will work, silently and constantly in the background giving your website the very best chance of being found at the top of searches.

It is essential to get this organic SEO built into your website. Without it, you are just not going to be indexed well and may have to rely heavily on paid for SEO.

It includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Keyword research.
  • Building in of SEO into the very core of  your coding.
  • Putting content and titles in the right place with the right tags.
  • Webmaster tools implementation and tracking and clearing of bad urls.
  • Sitemap adjustment / creation.

SEO as part of our monthly maintenance signups

We offer SEO as part of our Web maintenance signup. If your wesbite was not built with us, then you will need to get the SEO starter kit.

For our monthly SEO, we will look after your SEO every month and make sure that implementations are made to improve it constantly.